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Withlacoochee Aquatic Restoration
PO Box 350
Inglis, FL 34449

Mission Statement

To implement civic action to promote the common good of residents of the community with a focus on public awareness and responsible stewardship of regional water resources; the basis for all the natural systems that define Florida's Nature Coast.



RIVER COMMITTEE                     

Withlacoochee Area Residents, Inc is responsible for the designation of the Lower River as Outstanding Florida Waters.  The petition for this designation was filed in April, 1987 and adopted by the State in 1989.  A component of the petition presented ambient water quality analytical data which was likewise adopted.  Florida Administrative Code Division 62-302.700 states:

62-302.700 Special Protection, Outstanding Florida Waters, Outstanding National Resource Waters.

(1) It shall be the Department policy to afford the highest protection to Outstanding Florida Waters and Outstanding National Resource Waters. No degradation of water quality, other than that allowed in subsections 62-4.242(2) and (3), F.A.C., is to be permitted in Outstanding Florida Waters and Outstanding National Resource Waters, respectively, notwithstanding any other Department rules that allow water quality lowering.
       (6) The Commission may designate a water as an Outstanding National Resource Water after making all of the following findings:
            (a) That the waters are of such exceptional recreational or ecological significance that water quality should and can be maintained and protected under all circumstances other than temporary degradation and the lowering allowed by    Section 316 of the Federal Clean Water Act; and
            (c) That the environmental, social, and economic benefits of the designation outweigh the environmental, social, and economic costs.

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